Wednesday, June 11, 2014

How to report dangerous pro-anorexia websites

Rachel Ward. a member of IEDAction has created a tutorial on how to report dangerous pro-anorexia sites and ultimately shut them down!

Check out her blog post with step-by-step instructions here: A.N.A. Terminator

Letter to Rainbeau Mars

The letter, written by our very own Jennifer Denise Taunton Ouellette and can be found by clicking here. It includes links to both scientific journals and mainstream pieces that reinforce IEDAction's sincere concerns in regards to Rainbeau Mars and what she promotes and sells.

<e-mailed by Jennifer to Rainbeau Mars on June 11 2014. (awaiting response)>

Rainbeau Mars promoting cleanses for toddlers - IED action efforts and advocacy

IED ACTION was alerted to a story on ABC news by Genevive Shaw Brown of GMA profiling the cleanse created by Rainbeau Mars.

PLEASE READ: Tinseltown Tots Take 2-Week Vegan Cleanse Challenge

Rainbeau Mars profits from her health claims; for example, on her website http://www.rainbeaumars.com/ she links to her book available on amazon for $19.15  http://www.amazon.com/The-21-Day-SuperStar-Cleanse-Rejuvenating/dp/0985715219/

She also has the 21 day Superstar Cleanse Program - a global cleanse offered four times a year that is available for $400

Victoria Taylor from the New York Daily News wrote the article: A Bridezilla? Rainbeau Mars asks wedding guests to do three-week vegan cleanse

We took immediate action via twitter, facebook, and e-mail.  Here are some screen shots of these interactions (many of which were subsequently remover by Rainbeau Mars)

Here Jade Mars is commenting on how "chubby" she is in a younger photo of herself.