Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Tanya Murphy letter to PR Director

Ms. Cynthia Robinson
Director of Publicity
Spartanburg County School District 6
1390 Cavalier Way
Roebuck, SC 29376

April 18, 2014

Ms. Henderson,

I am reaching out to inform you about the questionable activities one of your district employees is engaging in from district property, during school hours.  Ms. Tanya Murphy, pictured below, who represents herself as a teacher, but appears to be an aide, goes by the name “TannyRaw” on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. Ms. Murphy is a practitioner of the Low-Fat Raw Vegan and 80-10-10 diets. That is fine; however, she is not just a practitioner, she uses social media to proselytize this lifestyle as this article on Yahoo highlights.

The issue that I, and many others, have is that Ms. Murphy dispenses nutritional and medical advice to those who view and comment on her videos and photos. A particularly egregious instance of her dispensing medical advice she is not qualified to give, is when she gave advice to a teenage girl who admitted to a history of eating disorders (ED), and shared that her parents and her dietitian did not want her practicing this way of eating as it is not appropriate for someone in recovery from ED, that she should work to get independent of her parents so she could pursue this lifestyle.

Eating disorders are biologically based mental illnesses with the highest mortality rate of any mental illness—up to 20% without proper treatment. With treatment that number drops to 2-3%. Eating disorders are not a lifestyle choice. What Ms. Murphy does is tantamount to her encouraging a teen undergoing chemotherapy to become independent and discontinue treatment. This is not okay.

Ms. Murphy has repeatedly been asked to include a disclaimer on her videos that she has no medical credentials and that the diet she is promoting should not be undertaken by those under 18 and/or anyone with a history of eating disorders should consult their physician before beginning this diet. Ms. Murphy does not converse with adults that raise these questions, though she frequently does converse with young, ill people to offer them medical advice.

YouTube was concerned enough about the content of Ms. Murphy’s videos that they shut her channel down temporarily for inappropriate content. She subsequently pulled many videos and got the channel back up; we did download and save some videos where as well as talking screenshots of her comments and her filming from the classroom and would be happy to share those with you.

Ms. Murphy posted this video on her Youtube channel recently; in it she directly addresses the efforts of those who have asked her to cease dispensing medical advice to those with eating disorders. I encourage you to watch to the very end as I find it shocking to see someone filming from a public school Kindergarten classroom while talking about porn and using the phrase “hung like a horse.” Here is a blog where more information can be seen.

I understand that this is a personnel matter and while I would appreciate an acknowledgement of receipt, I recognize you will not be able to discuss personnel matters. I will be sending copies of this letter to local media in your area, as well as alerting the local police to her habit of videotaping herself while driving.

Thank you for your time.


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  2. Nobody likes a fault finder. You are a busy body who wishes to bring harm to the life and work of another individual. You should be ashamed of your conduct. Leave this poor woman alone, and consider working on your own shortcomings instead.

  3. Seriously? You are not a warrior for eating disorders. You're very biased and are harming other's lives versus actually helping people. Fraudulent much?

  4. I have met Tanya, Tammie, Tyner, she goes by several different names. She is a danger to people when it comes to their health. I am a RN, fitness & wellness coach & nutritionist, with licenses, Bachelor & Master degrees & over 20 years experience in weight loss, weight management & wellness. Where it may be fine for her to choose to eat & adapt a lifestyle as she has it is negligent to give medical advice to anyone regarding their diet & health. In addition, she has repeatedly provided false & misleading information regarding her credentials. Please people be warned, she is a Very dangerous individual!

    1. Notice you posted as unknown which doesn't say much for who you think you are. Also would like to see a picture of you to see if you practice what you preach.