Monday, May 12, 2014

La Perla Twitter Activism

Thanks to Micahel Rudoy, who posted a picture of a mannequin with visible ribs in the Soho La Perla Lingerie store to twitter, Seth Matlins (a father who helped introduced the truth in advertisement legislation) retwetted.  This caught the attention of a member of IED Action and prompted her to share with the group so we could all take immediate action.  For more on this story, please see:


New York Magazine (Véronique Hyland)

Yahoo Shine (Elise Solé)

British Vogue (Lauren Milligan)

Fashion Times (Britteny Dee)

The Independent (Felicity Morse)

ABC News (Gillian Mohney)

Elle (Alex Rees)

CBC News (Lauren O'Neil)

The Huffington Post (Chanel Parks)

New York Daily News (Victoria Taylor) 

AOL News 

Media Bistro (Tonya Garcia) 

Cosmopolitan UK

Bustle (Erin Mayer)

InStyle UK (Olivia Marks)

The TODAY Show (Video link)

Friday, May 9, 2014