Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Screenshots of 30bananasaday.com

Freelee's book available for purchase from the website

comments from members on the forum who have eating disorders reaching out for help

sampling of forum posts tagged with 'anorexia' 'bulimia' and/or 'eatingdisorder'

Durianrider links a list of drugs that 'cause anorexia' it should be noted that the link he refers to lists drugs that have a side effect of anorexia, which is simply a medical term for lack of appetite, very different to 'anorexia nervosa' which he refers to in the narrative

Screenshots: FB group BANANA GIRLS! (BGDietChallenge)

the response of Diane (administrator) to the above screenshot of a member stating they have always had an eating disorder and are interested in stating the challenge.

The group 'about' section has links where members can purchase freelee's book
Further responses from administrator Diane

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

TannyRaw: Pictures & Screenshots

Screenshot of TR's Instagram where she gives medical advice, with no disclaimer or suggestion to consult a doctor,  to someone with thalassemia.

TannyRaw advises vibrant_vegan which lead to her video Teenagers of the LFRV family

Amy informative response to "Sophie" who claims to be either a dietician or PhD RD

Vibrant_vegan, the teen with an ED that Tanya advised posted that she will not be sticking with LFRV, one of her followers responds.

Tanya's response to what her credentials are for advising children with Eating Disorders to drop professional treatment team is "the life and times of Tanya."

One of Tanya's followers defends her, saying "this girls parents taking her to a nutritionist is a gigantic mistake."

Tanya claims to teach a reading program for kindergarten and first grade

Here, Tanya Murphy is listed as an assistant, discrediting her claim in the above picture that she is a Teacher.

Some of the comments left on TannyRaws teenagers of the LFRV family, none of which she responded to.

Another of Tanya's followers defending her "teenagers of the LFRV family" video, she agrees that the teen Tanya referred to should remove her parents from her life.

Tanya's reasoning as to why her YouTube account was shut down.

Tanya's first attempt at a conversation, however she deleted her comments soon after and has yet to put up disclaimers of any kind.

Tanya believes and endorses that LFRV can cure every disease

Tanya encourages a commenter to "stick with it" after she admits feeling puffy and "cloudy"

Tanya states this diet has healed all her autoimmune disorders, and advises a 16 year old what to eat to follow this diet.

Tanya claims "cellulite and weight melts off with this diet leaving no saggy skin."

A commenter states "her stomach feels like this weird pain. It hurts really bad!" Tanya advises that having cherry tomatoes and banana too close is the culprit, she offers no advice to seek medical attention.

States her height (5'11") and weight (125lbs) = BMI of 17.4
Contrary to the above picture, Tanya states here on her dating profile that she is 4'10"

TR filming in school