Thursday, July 24, 2014

BMI testing in schools

EDC: We urge you to oppose mandatory BMI reporting in the schools

When school boards fancy themselves health care providers

ANAD: School Guidelines

NYC Anti-Obesity "Fitnessgram" Campaign Backfires, Is Forced to Reconsider its Delivery Process

'Fitness grams': helpful or hurtful?

Fitnessgram FAQ's: denies that body composition testing increases the risk of students developing eating disorders

BMI measuring in schools proves weighty issue

This kid is fat (according to the City of New York)

Book chronicles young woman’s battle with anorexia

USDA: School Nutrition Standards Underpin Healthy Eating Habits

Healthy girl, 11, developed anorexia after primary school weigh-in said she was 'at risk' of being overweight

F.E.A.S.T. Applauds the Academy for Eating Disorders latest press release: "AED Opposes BMI Reporting and Fitnessgrams in Schools"

School ‘Healthy Eating’ Programs Prove Dangerous for Some Children School ‘Healthy Eating’ Programs Prove Dangerous for Some Children

House hearing in Newtown focuses on eating disorders

Losing weight, but not healthy Eating disorders among people who are overweight or obese often go unrecognized.


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