Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Eating Disorders in Canada: Help Needed!

The news from The Standing Committee on Women report on Eating Disorders Among Women and Girls in Canada is not good. A lot of, yes it's bad and no, we don't really have any plans to fix it. As Globe reporter, Andre Picard says, Eating Disorders are a Scourge in Need of a Strategy.

Health Canada is asking for stakeholder input for their Advisory Panel on Healthcare Innovations and we certainly have ideas on how to save both money and lives by revamping the way eating disorders are treated in the Canadian Health system.

We are currently at work on letters to both organizations mentioned and will promote their content via social media once submitted.

Early diagnosis and prompt, evidence-based treatment saves both money and lives--and this is true around the world whether bills are paid via an insurer or a national health system. Doing the right thing should be easy!

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