Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Nick Ritchie: letter to the authorities

Letter To Authorities regarding Nick Ritchie

To Australian Communication and Media Associationat online@acma.gov.au

Dear Madam/Sir:

I realise you must be an Australian citizen or reside in Oz to make a complaint however since Mr. Ritchie has been both targeting and harassing concerned citizens I think it is important that your organisation check him out.  

My name is Amy Cunningham. I'm American, work in pharma, live in Tanzania and am the mother of two girls with serious eating disorders. Fortunately through treatment and new research my girls are improving.    

As you may be aware there are over 30 million people in the US and more than 1 million people in Australia suffering from eating disorders (http://www.eatingdisorders.org.au/key-research-a-statistics).  Eating disorders have the highest mortality rates of any mental illness, killing up to one in 10 people who suffer.  While treatment is only now becoming more available, research shows that EDs are based in biology.  Therefore people with EDs need professional help. Unfortunately, with the increase in awareness of EDs, people like Nick Ritchie simply want to target vulnerable sufferers for personal gain.

An Australian citizen, Mr. Nick Ritchie, runs a facebook page, twitter site support groups and a website to promote his 'program' for people with eating disorders. He dispenses seriously misguided and dangerous information.  He claims to be able to ‘cure’ eating disorders and that eating disorders are not linked to biology.   When questioned by concerned parents such as myself, he and his administrator (a Joshua Brenner) attack and threaten us.  Many of his targets are vulnerable young boys and girls already in great need of help. 

We understand that you must be an Australian citizen to complain therefore we are enlisting our networks of concerned citizens, parents, activists and others to report him to you for investigation.   We would like to know if he runs a legitimate business and is regulated by the Department of Health. We've also reported to the latter.  The ACMA would be sending a strong message to the world that you will not tolerate such manipulative targeting of people with a several psychological illness for profit, using misinformation and aggressive marketing techniques to do so.  

Twitter nickritchie01  (hashtags #StopEDScams #stopnickritchie).

Thank you for your kind assistance. 

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